Original Art. Thoughtfully Curated. Effortlessly Collected.

We are your eyes in the art world, spotting talent and thoughtfully curating a special selection of contemporary pieces. From sculptures and objects to paintings and drawings, we collect and present one-of-kind, original artworks by some of the most talented artists around. Each piece is handmade especially for us. Whether you are buying your first piece of art or a seasoned collector, this is an opportunity to fill your home with truly special pieces that few others have.

The Ode To takes our name, and philosophy, from the notion of giving tribute. For us, this entails a tribute to great artistry and design. We always work with artists that we truly admire, both male and female, and strive to find a balance that ensures a creative platform for women. As curators, we bring part of the present moment to light, which gives us the opportunity to counterweight the imbalance that exists in the art world.

The Ode To was founded 2018 by friends Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins. We are both passionate collectors of aesthetically pleasing things, sharing an obsession for art and interior. We got tired of our cheap old posters but found art galleries to be intimidating and expensive. So, we ended up spending a lot of time looking for those special pieces in the most peculiar places. This life-long rummaging (as well as our careers in the fashion industry) has really taught us to spot those true treasures, which is reflected in our online gallery. Hope you’ll enjoy some of our favourite artworks, born from our creative community and inspirers.

Founders Helena Carlberg Anna Lukins